5 Things Not To Do On New Year’s Eve!

Get a little sloppy, but beware of what or who you do!

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that the night isn’t too memorable!

Don’t be focused on meeting someone!

Pre pandemic, hitting up a bar or club may be lots of fun, but it’s not the place you’re gonna meet that special someone most likely!



Don’t be cheap

Buy actual Champagne, not Prosecco!



Don’t be on a diet!

New Year’s eve is usually the last day to indulge before your resolution kicks in to lose 30 pounds!  New Year’s Eve is for alcohol, cheese, and pizza at 2 am. Dieting on New Year’s Eve is disgusting and immoral.

Don’t kiss someone you don’t like!

Don’t kiss someone you’re not into just because the thought of standing alone, cold and unloved, at the stroke of midnight is too much to bear. There’s no shame in ringing in 2020 wrapped in your own loving embrace.   Love yourself. Or kiss someone you kinda/sorta like.



Don’t Have Unreasonably High Expectations

There exists a persistent untruth that New Year’s Eve is supposed to be magical.  That it’s supposed to be a night of reflection and resurgence, a changing of hearts and seasons, and the start of new beginnings. It’s none of those things. It’s the beginning of the next calendar year and you will wake up on January 1 the same person you were on Dec. 31.