5 Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

It's Already August... Better Get A Move On!

The ‘Back-to-School’ commercials are starting, stores are bringing out the pencils and binders, and sales are already on. Whether or not you are going back to school, you know when all of that happens, Summer’s end is inevitably close.

Here are my ‘5 Things To Do Before School Starts’:


5) Take a drive and have a picnic! Because who doesn’t love eating yummy watermelon outside in the sunshine?!


4) Pig out at the Drive-In! Nothing better than staying up late, eating gummies and popcorn in the car while watching the latest movies.


3) Stargaze. You’ve been so busy, it’s time to slow down and take in the beautiful starry sky with your sweetheart. How romantic!


2) Camp out in a tent. Even if it’s just the in backyard. “Sleeping under the stars” just has a nice ring to it!


1) Sleep in… at least once! Life can get so crazy, some times even if you’re on holidays, sleeping in just doesn’t happen. So make it!



(Image Source: buzztala.com)