5 Things To Do If You Want To Live Past 90!

Who knew that Booze and being overweight could be good for you?

If you want to live to 90, you should drink booze every day and put on a little weight!
Dr Claudia Kawas of the University of California identified five lifestyle factors associated with living to over 90:

Hobbies, doing exercise, drinking one or two glasses of wine or beer a day, being slightly overweight and drinking coffee will keep you ripe until 90!

Dr Kawas did a study which tracked 1,700 people in their 90’s in 203 and said that they all seemed to have a similar lifestyle. Something to keep them busy, booze and caffeine. The doc says that all those in the study had an 18% reduced risk of premature death…

He says that its important for seniors to spend at least two hours a day on a hobby, taking in 15 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise to help lower their mortality rate!

Drinking two cups of coffee a day lowered the risk of death by 10% also.

The doc says that modest drinking improves longevity!