5 Things You Need to Know: April 18, 2016

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Amber Alert Update

An Amber Alert was issued Monday morning for a 5 year old Aurora girl they say was taken without permission. The child was recovered after her Father’s vehicle was found rolled in a ditch near Pembroke following a collision. Police have not released an update on her condition thus far. More details here.


Death Toll Rises Following Major Earthquake in Ecuador


The death toll from the weekend earthquake in Ecuador has reached more than 270 and is expected to rise. Two Canadians, a mother and son from Quebec, are among the dead. This quake, and others in Japan and Myanmnar at the weekend have people wondering if there’s a connection, but scientists say no, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence.


How To Get Banned from The Zoo for Life


The Toronto Zoo is investigating after a video surfaced of a woman jumping over a protective fence into a tiger pen to retrieve a hat. She was able to jump back over the fence before a tiger could lunge at her. While there’s been no word on repercussions from Zoo officials, we’re guessing they’re not going to be welcome back. See the video here.


Best Way to Stop Arguments in their Tracks

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Fight with your mate? Want to make it better in a hurry? Research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says instead of trying to win the argument, simply say “I see where you’re coming from”. This does two things: demonstrates you’re listening and validates your partner’s perspective, neutralizing the blame game. Read more here.


All You Can Eat McDonalds Fries


A McDonald’s in Missouri is testing all-you-can-eat fries! If it’s a success, those trips to McDonalds could require a lot more self-control!