5 Things You Need to Know: April 27, 2016

Alberta Couple Found Guilty in Death of 18-Month Old An Alberta couple has been found […]

Alberta Couple Found Guilty in Death of 18-Month Old


An Alberta couple has been found guilty in the meningitis death of their 18 month old son – of not providing the necessaries of life. The couple testified they thought their son was suffering from croup and were treating him with natural remedies which included onions and hot peppers.

Hate to Ruffle Your Feathers


Backyard chickens are on the menu at a public meeting this evening in Orillia, 5-7pm, at Orillia City Centre; Clearview Township will allow residents to license four chickens on their property, effective May 25.

An Important Reminder from the OPP


OPP remind everyone of the importance of wearing life jackets while on the water  – especially with the water still as cold as it is – after recovering the bodies of two men reported missing this week on Eagle Lake in Haliburton

Sales Drop at Apple


Sign of the Times: Apple has announces its worst quarter in ten years. iPhone is no longer the premiere iWant item. Sales in the 1st quarter fell for the first time, down 16 per cent from a year ago while iPad sales flatlined.


Blood Services Needs Your Help


Need to top up the blood bank. Donations are urgently needed in advance of summer demand. Find out how to make an appointment and where to donate her