5 Things You Need to Know: April 6, 2016

The Biggest Stories of the Day

1. No Sign of Winter’s End in Barrie

Like the guest that wouldn’t leave, ol’ man winter is back, but Environment Canada says Barrie should miss the brunt of the snow; says the Barrie-area will likely be on the low-end of 5-10 centimetres and the Midland-area will be on the high end. Parts of Muskoka may have 25-30 centimetres to worry about.

2. Queens Park Supports First Responders with PTSD

Queen’s Park has passed legislation to support first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It creates a presumption that PTSD diagnosed in first responders is work-related, allowing  for faster access to benefits and more timely treatment. Evidence shows that first responders are twice as likely as the general population to suffer from PTSD.

3. Nutrition Labels May Be Misleading

If you check food labels for nutrition facts to keep your diet in check, you may need to check a little deeper. Cornell University research has found the labels are way off in terms of calories and portion sizes, leaving out the impact of toppings, sauces and condiments – the things you see on the picture on the box of cake mix,  for instance. What’s on the nutrition label does not take into account the frosting and sprinkles that might be pictured on the box.

4. Bye Bye, Mouse

Microsoft may be looking to replace the traditional computer mouse with a ‘smart ring’. Newsweek reports  recent filing with the U.S. Patent office  describes a ring that would slip over your index finger, detecting its movements to manoeuvre the cursor; rather  than clicking on a mouse, you would tap your finger to carry out a task.

5. Silence From Kardashians Following Rob’s Engagement


Only a day has passed, but for a family that shares virtually everything via social media the silence may be telling. None of the Kardashian’s have congratulated Rob via social media following his engagement to Blac Chyna, after two months of dating. Read more about that here.