5 Things You Need to Know: July 19, 2016

Today's Top Stories

Metal Detectors Requested For WayPoint Centre


(Photo by Aviation Code via Flickr)

To help improve safety– or perhaps save lives– the Ontario Public Service Employees Union wants walk-through metal detectors installed on every ward at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene. Read more here.


Easy On The Water


(Photo by Per via Flickr)

Nottawsaga Valley Conservation Authority is asking residents and other users along its watershed to cut water consumption by 10%. Read more here.


Townhouse Complex Fire Causes $500K Damage

Barrie Fire Truck 2

20 people have been displaced after a fire Tuesday morning on Owen Street. Thankfully no one was hurt. Read more here.


Canadian Flags Missing In Muskoka


(Photo by Ronald Tanglao via Flickr)

Who would steal Canadian flags and flagpoles? That’s the question authorities in Gravenhurst are asking… Read more here.


Bear On The Water

On Hemlock Lake, New York – one of the Finger Lakes – Matthew Garrity was kayaking Sunday when his peripheral vision catching something off to the side, something big, something black.

Main image via Brad