5 Things You Need to Know: July 25, 2016

Today's top stories

Minor Injuries After Small Plane Crash Near Washago

After clipping trees during takeoff, a small plane crashed in Wasago Sunday afternoon. The Pilot suffered minor injuries. Read more here.


Help ID Suspects In Drug Store Break-In In Alcona

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Narcotics were stolen from the Guardian Drug Store on Friday, and Police are looking for your help to identify three suspects. Read more here.


From Typewriters To Word-Processors To PCs To…


(Photo by Clive Darra via Flickr)

DeBeers is among the first companies to phase out the use of desktop computers and phones from their corporate offices. Instead employees will use tablets for their work, receiving calls from headsets of cellphones. Read more here.


Storytellers More Attractive To Women


(Photo by Chris Young via Flickr)

Men who can tell a good tale are up to 29% more desireable, a new study shows. Which anecdotes work better than others? Read more here.


A Conversation with Barrie Fire Chief Bill Boyes


Fighting fire with science and technology was the subject of our discussion with Barrie’s Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, Bill Boyle. Listen here.