5 Things You Need to Know: May 2, 2016

Today's top stories

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week!


Follow our series of special reports this week on how to prepare for an emergency and deal with the aftermath. Today we focus on having a plan. Read more about it here.


Alleged Abduction in Ramara

A Ramara Township man says he was abducted Sunday morning after being assaulted. He was able to escape when his captors stopping at a gas station. See above for pictures of the two of the suspects, and read more here.


Ringling Bros. Elephants Retire

After 200 years, elephants have performed for the last time at Ringling Brothers Circus. The company has created a 200-acre sanctuary for their retirement.


Burgers Priest Arrives in Barrie


Redemption day has arrived in Barrie. The Burger’s Priest has begun preaching the virtues of fresh ingredients from its pulpit at Park Place, and redeeming the burger one day at a time. Read more here.

Jungle Book is #1 (…Again!)


Mowgli still reigns supreme at the box office; Jungle Book easily fended off a handful of new releases including the star-studded romantic comedy Mother’s Day.