5 Things You Need to Know: May 5, 2016

Today's top stories

Uphill Battle Fighting Fort McMurray FiresChlHtGXUkAIMvSH

Firefighters battling the Fort McMurray wildfires say it’s like spitting on a campfire. 10 thousand hectares of land have been torched, more than 16-hundred structures have been destroyed. Read the latest updates here.

Image via Toby Reith, CBC News


High Grad Rates for Simcoe Catholic Students


Are you smarter than a Simcoe County Catholic student; the grad rate at Simcoe Muskoka Catholic Schools is higher than the provincial average.

Today’s Emergency Preparedness Tip


For some, lightning storms are fun to watch and listens, but they can be dangerous. Safety tips when lightning strikes and a special tool you should have in your glove box as we continue our series of special reports for Emergency Preparedness Week.

Investigation Into Friday’s Shooting Continues


Barrie Police several ‘persons of interest’ in last Friday’s shooting on Edgehill Drive. Get the latest information on the shooting suspects still at large here.

Door-to-Door Mail Service Under Review


A federal government committee starts another review today of door-to-door mail delivery – whether Canada post should be cutting it. A final report expected by the end of the summer.