5 Things You Need to Know Today: August 15, 2016

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UPDATE: Tornado Confirmed In Georgina


An EF-1 tornado touched down on the southeast shores of Lake Simcoe on Saturday. Wind speeds were estimated between 150-175 kilometers per hour. Click here for more information.

It Wasn’t a Trail Of Breadcrumbs, But It Did The Trick

San Francisco Salt Water Taffy from Pier 39: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Coconut And/Or Cottonseed), Molasses, Salt, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Coca, Soya Lecithin (An Emulsifier), BHA (An anti-oxidant) Artificial Colors, Including F D & C Yellow #5. These are the best Salt water taffy’s I have ever had in my life. Thank you mom and dad. www.thecandybaron.com

If you’re going to steal candy from a convenience store at 3:00am, perhaps leaving candy wrappers in your path isn’t the best way to cover your trail. Barrie Police trailed a suspect to a nearby park where they say a 30-year-old man was found, drunk, passed out, and surrounded by candy wrappers. He’s since been charged with theft, assault and public drunkenness. Read more here.

Men Today Weaker Than Those 30 Years Ago


Less manual labour appears to be a factor, but new study shows 20 to 34 have lower grip strength than the same aged guys three decades ago. Click here for more information.

Brits Want ‘Drive-Safe’ Mode For Smartphones


(Photo by FrankieLeon via Flickr)

Road safety experts in Britain says it’s time for smartphones to be fitted with a drive-safe mode to stop drivers from being distracted or overwhelmed with information. Read more here.

‘Broken Heart’ Syndrome Could Leave You At Risk For Up To A Year

Dennis Skley

(Photo by Dennis Skley via Flickr)

A ‘broken heart’ could you leave you at risk for heart problems for up to a year. Experts suspect a surge of stress hormones, triggered by an emotional event, could be responsible. Read more here.

Image via Sean Henning