5 Things You Need to Know Today: August 18, 2016

Life Is Short…And Getting Shorter (Photo by Hannah Sorrenson via Flickr) We’ve lost 6 years […]

Life Is Short…And Getting Shorter

Hanna Sörensson

(Photo by Hannah Sorrenson via Flickr)

We’ve lost 6 years of our life expectancy according to a new study. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition is to blame. Read more here.

Jogging Stroller Recall


Dorel Juvenile Canada has recalled more than 12-thousand jogging strollers. The company says the front wheel might come loose or fall off, putting children at risk of crashing or falling. Read more here.

Dine n Dash Suspects Sought


A dine and dash is bad enough, but with a $100 bill and a waitress with a child on the way… Please read the description of the six individuals involved and contact Barrie Police if you can provide information. Read more here.

“Flying Bum” takes Flight

photo: Reuters via NBC

They’re calling it the ‘Flying Bum’ (it looks like two blimps stitched together). It took off on its maiden flight in England this week filled with more than a million cubic feet of helium. Read more here.

Threat Of Postal Disruption Looming Large Again


Canada Post is advising its customers to prepare for 72-hour strike notice from the postal workers union between now and Sunday. Read more here.

Main image via Dan4th Nicholas