5 Things You Need to Know Today: July 18, 2016

Today's top stories

E-Cigarette Use By Young People ‘ Alarming’


(Photo by Vaping360 via Flickr)

2000 Grade 9 students were surveyed for a study in the Canadian Medical Association Journa about e-cigarrette use, and the results were alarming. Will the federal government should step in to regulate e-cigarettes? Read more here.

FBI Closes File On D.B. Cooper


(Photo by FBI)

The case is closing on one of the greatest heists in history. 45 years ago, D.B. Cooper parachuted out of a plane with $200,000 and hasn’t been heard or seen from him (or the money!) since. The FBI has announced that they are officially closing the case on this cold file. Read more here.

Former Marine Named As Gunman In Baton Rouge Cop Killings


(Photo by Associated Press)

Three officers were killed and three wounded in a shooting by a former Marine on Sunday. With 31 officers killed so far in 2016, that’s a 72% increase in violence against the law enforcement year-over-year. Read more here.

Pokemon Craze Takes Over Canada


(Photo by Nintendo)

Nintendo unleashed Pokemon Go in Canada Sunday afternoon; an hour later the app’s servers went down with the rush to download it.

Getting Dumped By Your Divorce Judge


(Photo by Banjo D via Flickr)

A judge in British Columbia is breaking up with a divorced couple. He’s been listening to their bickering about parenting styles, breast feeding and more for three years, and has told her to stop sending her ex’s emails to the junk box and urged him to ensure his emails are polite and not bullying. He now says it may be time for another judge – who knows nothing of them –  to step in adding new incentive for them to settle their issues.