5 Things You Need To Know Today: July 4, 2016

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UPDATE: Meandering Monkey Seized In Alcona Has New Home


The monkey who caused a ruckus in Innisfil this weekend has a new home… At the Elmvale Zoo. Residents of Innisfil are not allowed to own primates such as monkeys, apes, chimpanzees and lemurs. Read more here.


Diet Pop May be Adding, Not Subtracting, From Your Middle


(Photo by Tony Alter via Flickr)

A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found people who drank diet pop gained almost triple the amount of abdominal fat over nine years compared to those who drank regular pop.  Artificial sweeteners can confuse our bodies and weaken the link in our brains between sweetness and calories. Read more here.


Murder In Midland


A man was run down in a Walmart parking lot, and now police are searching for answers… The victim (29) was pronounced dead on the scene, and a 25-year-old London man is in custody. Read more here. 


Mail is still moving

Canada Post 1 (RK)

Canada Post and the postal workers union are still talking. Neither side in the dispute has given 72 hours notice of a strike or lockout.


ISIS attack in Baghdad

Iraqi officials say the death toll from a weekend truck-bombing in Baghdad has surpassed 140. It is the deadliest terror attack in the country in a year. ISIS has claimed responsibility.