5 Things You Need to Know Today: July 5, 2015

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What If You Could Pull Into A Parking Spot Sideways?


Eight years and $60,000 later, a London ON man has invented car tires that not only roll forward and back, but can roll sideways as well! Read more here.


Cash-Strapped Man Charged Three Times In Five Days

in handcuffs

27-year-old Ajax man has had more than a couple run-ins with Barrie Police over the last few days. Read more here.


Countdown On To Postal Disruption

Canada Post 1 (RK)

Canada Post has delivered 72 hours notice of  a potential lockout, pointing to prolonged negotiations and a rapid decline in mail volume. Read more here.


OPP not impressed with holiday weekend driving

Image via James G on Flickr

Image via James G on Flickr

More than 6500 tickets were issued. Among them were 4000 for speeding and 126 for impaired driving. There are also 55 boating-related charges.


FBI vs. Hillary Clinton 


FBI director calls Hillary Clinton’s handling of sensitive classified emails “careless”, but nothing worthy of charges.