5 Things You Need to Know Today: June 15, 2016

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Family Of Murdered Canadian Hostage Agrees Ransoms Should Not Be Paid


The family of Robert Hall who was recently killed by extremists in the Philippines has spoken out in support of Trudeau’s decision not to pay the hostages. Born and raised in Calgary, they called Hall a hard-working, self made man who “Didn’t sit around and dream about sailing the world; he got up and did it.” Our condolences are with the Hall family during this difficult time…  Read more here.


Toddler Snatched By Alligator Near Disney Resort Hotel


The search continues for a 2-year-old who was snatched by an Alligator at a Disney hotel on Tuesday. The Father saw it happen within plain sight, and went into the water trying to grab the child but was unsuccessful. 50 law enforcement officers continue to search as hope dwindles that he may be found alive… Read more here.


Fire Safety Blitz In Barrie Finds One Home Compliant

smoke alarm

After an early morning fire on Monday left a family of four homeless, Barrie Fire Safety officials went door-to-door, talking fire safety and checking alarms. Despite most homeowners thinking they were in compliance, only one household was up to code. Read more here.


Jet Hand Dryers Make Public Restrooms More Gross Than They Already Are

hand dryer

A new study has shown jet air dryers to spread viruses 50x more than regular air dryers, and 100x more than regular paper towels. In fact, some germs were detected nearly 10 feet away from the dryer.Read more here.


Ottawa Doctors Reverse MS with Groundbreaking New Treatment


Ottawa Doctors are making headlines internationally for their groundbreaking new treatment for MS. with a combination of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants, 70% of participants saw their symptoms halted — and for some they were completely reversed. Read more here.