5 Things You Need to Know Today: June 28, 2016

Today's top stories

Three Child Deaths Prompt Recall Of IKEA Dresser In U.S.


IKEA has stopped selling its Malm line of dressers. They have been recalled in the U.S., not yet in Canada. The recall comes after the deaths of three toddlers in the U.S. Read more here.


Barrie Council Votes In Favour Of Site Plan For South End High School…Barely


Last night’s approval, by a 6-5 vote, will allow the board to put the school building at the south end of the property at Mapleview and Prince William Way. Read more here.


Huntsville Man Charged After Dog Left In Hot Car


(Photo by Rabiem22 via Flickr)

A 27-year-old Huntsville man was charged after leaving a Husky inside his car this weekend, and he was not alone. Barrie Police reported eight similar incidence. Read more here.


Ontario government introducing mandatory training to drive a transport truck


(Photo by Frank Deanrdo via Flickr)

As of July 2017, drivers will be required to take 4-6 weeks of training before taking ‘Class A’ licence test.


Funding for Kids with Autism Age 5+


(Photo by Lance Neilson via Flickr)

Ontario is restoring some funding for kids with autism age five and older who were removed from a wait list for intensive therapy. The Liberal government had announced that as part of a new Ontario Autism Program it would stop funding Intensive Behavioural Intervention for kids over four, instead transitioning them to what officials are calling a flexible service. After a public outcry, the government has announced those families will be given direct funding — in successive payments of $10,000 — to pay for therapy until their child has a spot in the new program, or if they prefer, access to less intensive services funded by the government.