5 Things You Need to Know Today: June 29, 2016

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Suspects Sought After Loss Prevention Officer Dragged In Barrie


Do you know this man? A loss prevention officer at the Wellington Street Shoppers Drug Mart in Barrie suffered head injuries last night. He told police he had been dragged by a man fleeing in a Chevrolet Uplander after leaving the store with perfumes and colognes that had not been paid for. Read more here.


Barrie, Innisfil Benefiting From Federal Summer Jobs Program


(Photo by alovesdc via Flickr)

Barrie and Innisfil are getting their share of some federal dollars to create some summer jobs…. A total of $195,000 to help create summer employment. Read more here.


South Simcoe Police Deputy Chief Fletcher settling in nicely a year after joining the service


(Photo by TheIFP.ca via Flickr)

South Simcoe Police Deputy Chief Andrew Fletcher sat down with us recently to talk about ongoing public safety concerns and , taking policing back to its roots, and how much he likes his new job… Listen here.


Got a parking ticket you want to fight?


(Photo by Mark Falardeau via Flickr)

A chatbot lawyer service set up by a teenage programmer to appeal parking tickets has helped overturn $4M in fines in London and New York in the last two years. It’s won 160 thousand of 250 thousand cases. The developer of the DoNotPay bot says he did it to help prevent local governments from taking advantage of their citizens. The bot works by asking users questions to understand details of the case, such as “were you or someone you know driving?” If the bot determines that an appeal is justified, it generates a letter that can be brought to the appeals court.


NASA is a week away from getting up close and personal with Jupiter


(Photo by Tony Netone via Flickr)

Its Juno probe will enter Jupiter’s orbit on July 4. After a 5-year, 3.2-billion kilomertre journey through the solar system. NASA officials said hope the mission will help scientists learn more about Jupiter’s origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere.