5 Things You Need to Know Today: June 8, 2016

Today's top stories

Ontario climate change plan

The new plan unveiled by the Ontario government includes incentives to buy/lease e-cars, cash for clunkers program and rebates to encourage use of green technology. Read more here.


Chris Hadfield Visits Bradford School With His Name On It


The former commander of the International Space Station was in Bradford today, to take a tour during the official opening the Chris Hadfield Elementary School. Listen here.


Clinton declares victory over Sanders for U.S. Democratic nomination


Despite Hillary declaring victory, Bernie Sanders is not ready to concede. He says it’s not over yet and will continue to fight through primaries next week in Washington and Philadelphia. He says the mission is more than just beating Donald Trump, it’s transforming the country. Read more here.


Housing Decline in Barrie, Builders Look To Springwater


(Photo by Garann via Flickr)

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation says there were about a hundred and fifty fewer housing starts in May than there were in April, with only 1,267 starts last month. Read more here.


Angry? Resist the urge to yell or seek revenge


(Photo by Draxil via Flickr)

This advice comes from Ohio State University psychology professor Brad Bushman. Instead, drink fruit juice which will send a surge of glucose to the part of your brain that governs emotion. Swearing, he says will only fuel the vengeful fire. He suggests counting to 100, taking deep breaths and meditating or working on a puzzle. Petting your dog might also help.