5 Things You Need to Know Today: May 10, 2016

Today's Top Stories

1.. Alberta Premiere Declares City Saved


Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was on the ground in Fort McMurray Monday and has declared the city saved. She found 2400 homes and other buildings destroyed, but 25-thousand others were saved – including the hospital, municipal buildings and schools. Read more here.


2. Helmets on Kids


Image via Thierry Draus on Flickr

You might be surprised to hear the statistics on kids wearing helmets.… 90% of those killed during a collision with a car weren’t wearing one. A local lawyer what to make cycling safer…one Grade student at a time.

3. Barrie City Council Helps Georgian Expansion


Barrie City Council will pony-up cash to help Georgian College build an Advanced Technology Centre; it may also finally mean a downtown campus will be developed.

4. Check Your Plates, Police Warn


Check your licence plates! If the paint is peeling, or they are otherwise illegible, South Simcoe Police may pull you over.

5. Smart Phones Just Got Smarter


Just what you need…a lamp for your smartphone.  It’s the creation of Italian designer Nazzareno Ruspolini, who has created many white accessories over the years.