5 Things You Need to Know Today: September 1, 2016

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Math Skills Lacking In Ontario Schools


(Photo by Steve Depolot via Flickr)

Math scores in Ontario are not adding up for the government. Half of grade six students did not make the grade in the latest standardized testing. In fact, it’s a problem in all provinces but Quebec. Read more here.

Tighter Controls Over Production Of Pain-Killer Fentanyl Coming


(Photo by Daily Mail)

Health Canada is imposing stricter control over the ingredients used to make the pain killer fentanyl, subjecting it to the same controls as cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs. Read more here.


May Have Been Life On Earth Millions Of Years Earlier Than Thought


(Photo by AP) via ABD

Researchers say have found evidence of ancient life in fossils found in Greenland, leading them to believe there was life on earth more than 200 million years earlier than thought.  Read more here.

CFIB Says Postal Deal Fixes Nothing, Provides Only Short Term Relief


Canadian Federation Of Independent Business is happy the threat of a postal strike is over, but doubts the deal will mean a healthy, sustainable postal service. Read more here.

Disturbing Footage Shows Why You Should Always Strap Down Luggage In Your Car

In an impact, pieces of luggage becomes flying missiles targeted at the vehicle’s passengers.Read more here.

Image via Larsjuh