6 Ways To Become A Morning Person

Besides Pounding Back Coffee

Unhappy sleeping man smashing the alarm clock in the morning (very early).

Avoid hitting the snooze button. That will actually make you even more tired trying to go back to sleep for just a few minutes, and then being woken up again by your alarm. Just get up and get on with your day.

Find the light. Open up those curtains and let the sun shine in! Seeing the light automatically wakes up your body.

Burst of cold. When you shower, after you’ve enjoyed the hot hot heat, turn the taps the opposite way for that sudden burst of cold. That will for sure put a spark in your morning. (Plus it’s really good for your skin!)


Exercise. Working out gets your body moving. How could you NOT be awake holding plank?!


Eat and drink. A healthy breakfast and staying hydrated is key to starting the day off right.

And if all else fails… a cup…(or 4) of coffee should do the trick!