8-Year-Old Canadian Boy Wins $200 Worth Of Weed At Hockey Tournament!

That's not chocolate!

Keith Redl from BC, says he was outraged when he found out what prize his 8-year-old grandson won during a raffle at his hockey tournament…

Keith explains that during this annual youth tournament, each team is responsible for putting a gift basket or prize package together with a minimum value of $50.  Kids are then given raffle tickets and they place them in a bag next to the prize they want to win!  It wasn’t until after the tournament that the family was notified that he had won “$200 worth of pot.

Dad took a picture of the prize that had various cannabis products and paraphernalia, including edibles, a lighter and a smoking apparatus.

The kid, thought he was winning chocolate- but it wasn’t!

The Dawson Creek Minor Hockey Association issued a statement explaining that the prize was meant for adults.

And just to be clear- the prize did not appear on the raffle table- just a picture of it.