’90s Series Ghostwriter Is Getting A Reboot On Apple+

The Ghostwriter reboot will debut on Apple TV+ on November 1

If you grew up in the 90’s chances are that your TV schedule was monopolized by “Ready or Not”, Saved By the Bell and the PBS series Ghostwriter!

Ghostwriter was about a group of young friends from Brooklyn who solved crimes with the help of a ghost, named Ghostwriter.

The series wasn’t on long, only runny for three seasons and now the next generation will get their own Ghostwriter experience because the series is getting a reboot for Apple TV+.

According to Deadline, its part of a new project for the new Apple+ streaming service.

This one is aimed at a younger audience, and will follow a ghost that haunts a local bookstore–releasing fictional characters into the real world–and the four kids who team up to solve the ghost’s unfinished business. 

The kids become friends through the process, as the ghost delivers them messages and hidden secrets only they can see and decode.