A Body Shaming Fairy Tale?

How many problematic things can you see in this movie's preview? Model speaks out.

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs is a Snow White reboot that is suddenly getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.
Here’s a summary, from Mic.com,

The upcoming film is about seven princes who have been put under a spell and turned into dwarfs. To undo the spell, these guys must go out and find some magical red shoes, which happen to actually belong to Snow White. Why does Snow White wear these shoes? Well, because they transform her from a short, curvier woman into a tall, thin, so-called “beautiful” woman, and that’s apparently how she wants to present herself to the outside world.

Watch the preview and see if anything else sits uncomfortably with you:


This preview came out in December but went largely unnoticed until model Tess Holliday called out Chloe Moretez, the voice actor, regarding an advertisement for the film.

Chloe responded like this:


What do you think of this movie based on the marketing so far? Do you think you’ll take time to go see it?