A Classic Star Wars Film Turns 15!

Hello There! ~ Ben Kenobi

The early 2000s were an interesting time. MTV Reigned supreme, JNCO Jeans were hot, and so was Nelly in herrre.

It also lead to the creation of a new Star Wars trilogy, which to date isn’t as great as we thought it was.

The pivotal film in the new Lucas Trilogy was Revenge of the Sith. That’s the 15 year old baby today.

Folks trashed this film, I did too. It was all over the place and a mess BUT!

I went back this weekend and watched it to compare to the other two flicks in the “new” trilogy.

It’s not that bad, but not that great.

Anywho, let’s celebrate the fact that this film exists and so  does this incredible Tiktok: