A COVID Pill Could Be Coming!

U.S. and Uk scientists are working together on this!

Even if we end up having to get the COVID vaccine every year, you might not need a shot.  A drug company in England is testing a new vaccine that comes in a pill.



Clinic trials are currently testing the possibility of this new technology that would put the vaccine into pill form. Initial trials in monkeys have already shown success as the pill proved highly effective in immunizing them from the virus.



The oral vaccine will undergo human trials in the US this month. It will take months for the trials to be carried out and then approved by regulators – something far from guaranteed at this early stage.



The pill is significant as you catch COVID in your Mucosal cells, which is in your nose.  With needles injected into the arm, the meds go into the muscles and blood cells.  The tablets, however, go straight into the mucosal cells, hitting the virus where it is.