A Drake cameo in TV’s “The Handmade’s Tale”?

Margaret Atwood + Drake = Canada

Two of Canada’s biggest stars may have a meeting of sorts in the coming future. In an interview with the Boston Review, Margaret Atwood spoke about the new television adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. The novel of the same name hypothesizes a militarized near-future where women lose all rights including the ability to work, control money, or even read.

The show is being filmed in Toronto. Atwood spoke about her positive experiences in the city when Boston Review writer Junot Diaz brought up another global superstar from Canada, Drake. Atwood immediately suggested a cameo by Drake in the next season of the Handmaid’s Tale: “…you’ve given me a new idea. Drake in The Handmaid’s Tale!” Let’s hope that this potential cameo is as great as his stuff on CBC’s Being Erica.

The Handmaid’s Tale airs on Bravo in Canada and will soon be available on Crave TV.

Warning: This trailer contains graphic materials (NSFW)

CC image courtesy of Tammy Anthony Baker and Blaues Sofa via Flickr