A Full Size Replica Of The RMS Titanic Is Set To Sail The Seas In 2022!

Near, far, wherever you are!

An Australian business man and politician Clive Palmer has been behind the project that has been in the works since 2015.  The ship is said to an identical copy of the infamous boat which sank in 1912.

This time around, Titanic II will have enough lifeboats and will be welded together, plus modern navigation and radar equipment will be on board to ensure another disaster doesn’t happen. 

Here’s where it gets eerie, the ship will follow the original journey with passengers experiencing the iconic ocean liner. 

There will be nine decks with 835 cabins and will accommodate 2,435 passengers. And you’ll be able to buy first, second and third class tickets just like the original ship.  The interior will be outfitted exactly like the original Titanic -including the grand staircase made memorable by the movie…

If you’re hoping to experience the history and tragedy of the Titanic in another way- diving expeditions now have the go ahead starting next year for a cost of $105,129 per person.