A “Growing Pains” Reboot Is In The Works!

Some of the original cast have been reportedly brainstorming ideas to get a reboot going! 

The sitcom ran from 1985 to 1992 and people have been buzzing about Growing Pains being the next big reboot!  Jeremy Miller who played Ben Seaver, said that the actual story lines are being worked on now.

Miller told Us Weekly, “We’re still in talks right now. We’re actually doing story creation and brainstorming right now.”

Co-stars Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold are also said to be a part of this new project!  The cast wants to put together a workable story that will be respectful to Alan Thicke!   Thicke, who played family patriarch Dr. Jason Seaver, died in 2016.

No info on Joanna Kerns or Ashley Johnson returning yet… Joanna plays Maggie Seaver, the mom on the show and Ashley came alone a few seasons in as the youngest Seaver playing Chrissy! 

Doubtful that Leonard Dicaprio will return as Luke, but one can dream!