A Guys Hate On For Mayo Pays Off!

Now watch me whip, now watch me Mayonnaise

Chris Owen hates mayonnaise.

“Mayonnaise is a tyrant of a condiment, and very arrogant. It thinks it makes everything better but it does not.” He also claims that he Makes $1000 a year by complaining about it.  He’s not doing anything shady, either.

He goes out to eat like a normal person… asks for NO MAYONNAISE. And when they very often put mayo on his food anyway, he complains and gets a refund.

It also seems like this guy complains about a LOT of things – maybe TOO many things – and gets discounts/free food.  So this is your friendly reminder to not be a militant complainer and treat your servers/cooks well.

Charlie totally gets this… She feels the same way about salt!