A LEGO Set That’s Out Of ORBIT!

Honestly I'd buy it, but I'd probably space out building it.

All photos courtesy of LEGO.

Even if you’re not a kid, you’ve got to love LEGO sets.  They’re a fun and great way to use your brain creatively and reward yourself with a feeling of completion in your life.

But you know, the key is to actually finish the set, instead of just building a transformer and smashing it into your sibling’s head (also a fun way to play, even as an adult, thanks Davey).

The toy brick giant unveiled a new “out of this world” set that everyone can enjoy!

In collaboration with NASA, the company has unveiled the International Space Station set! Check out the super cool announcement below:


Best part? They even sent it into space to get it CLOSER to the real thing!

Adorable. That’s Elon Musk flexing a Tesla in space level of entertainment!

The set will drop on February 1st and will retail for 70 bucks. Will you pick one up?