A List of Things You Should Have In Your Lady Drawer

What's in your lady drawer?

The lady drawer- we all have one, or two… Perhaps its in the bathroom or in your closet.

A man tweeted out a picture of his wife’s lady Drawer

Which got me thinking… What do you have in your lady drawer!

Here’s what’s in mine!  shaving stuff, tampons, scrunchies, wet wipes, nail file, tweezers, fake eyelash glue- my hair, Crest teeth whiten kit…


An online conversation about what women would have or do have in their drawer, here’s the list!

Tampons ( I have a basket)
Wet Wipes
Hair ties and scrunchies
A post Knookie bowl of freshly made gnocchi
A jar of Tears
A DVD of Little Women
My dignity
A new tube of toothpaste
Mineral water face spray
Vitamins that you never take
Pair of panties
Some freebies from the drugstore