A Man Will Rocket Himself Into Space To See If The Earth Is Flat

This guy really is a “Rocket Man”

His name is “Mad” Mike Hughes and he’s a self-taught rock scientist! He also believes that the Earth is Flat. Hughes is 61-years-old and is a limo driver who moonlights as a scientist. He’s spent the last few years building himself a steam-powered rocket which he made out of scrap parts that he dug out of the garbage over the years.  According to Hughes, the steam-rocket can travel about 500mph and he’s going to test it out this Friday!

He wants to see for himself if the earth really is flat…

Mike Hughes is getting the funds from Reacher Flat Earth. Mike insists that he understands aerodynamics and says it’s not science that he needs to know in order to pull this off, but rather a simple formula.

On Friday morning, Hughes will heat about 70 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank and then blast himself off in the afternoon. He plans to reach an altitude of 1,800 feet before pulling two parachutes.  He will televise the entire journey on his YouTube channel.