A Manitoba Man Called 9-1-1 For The Most Canadian Thing Ever!

People still aren't getting the message that 911 is for emergencies only!

It seems that once in a while, police has to send out reminders to the public about calling 911 over non emergencies.

The most recent non emergency calls to 911 included someone calling to complain about getting snow pants for Christmas, a fast food restaurant that wasn’t open 24 hours and the amber alert!

According to a tweet by the Manitoba RCMP, calling 911 to rent a Zamboni isn’t a good reason either…Last week, police in Manitoba got a 911 call from a guy desperate to rent a Zamboni for a hockey tournament…

“We understand that in Canada, this could be an emergency to some, however, this is not a valid reason to dial 9-1-1.” says the RCMP.