A Mini Might Ducks Reunion!

Quack Attack!

The Quack attack is back… It was 1992 that we were introduced to Gordon Bombay and his Mighty Ducks. and if you’re around 10 year’s old back than- this movie was everything!

This past weekend, some of the cast members had a mini reunion and showed up in their legendary bright green Ducks jerseys.  “The Mighty Ducks starred Emilio Estevez, now 56, who played a lawyer arrested for drunk driving and who’s sentenced to 500 community service as punishment.  His character, Gordon Bombay, has hit own history with hockey, so he’s required to coach a kids team with very few resources,” PEOPLE explain.


Danny Tamberelli (Tommy Duncan, #5), Garette Ratliff Henson (Guy Germaine, #00), Vincent Larusso (Adam Banks, #9), Colombe Jacobsen (Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney, #6) and Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler, #56) all hit the ice after more than 20 years and the photos are everything!  They were invited out by the Anaheim Ducks who also got nostalgic after the game!