A New Language? Thanks COVID.

Oh Corona No You Don't!

There are new forms of slang going around as a result of COVID-19!

Folks have been making up words left and right, and we’re up to over 1000 NEW WORDS as a result of experiencing something we’ve never dealt with!

It’s being called “Coronaspeak” which is using these terms to accurately describe how and what you’re feeling!

Here’s some examples:

Corona-cuts – A hairstyle during the pandemic.

Covidiot – A person behaving irresponsibly in conditions of containment.

Drivecation – A holiday, typically in a motorhome or RV, in one’s own driveway. Thorne said he suspects this one may have originated in Canada.

Locktail hour – Cocktail hour in lockdown.

Quarantini – A martini mixed in quarantine.

These words, alongside other tems like “cabin fever”, “stir crazy”, and “uncertain times” have been resurging in common lanugage!

Have you used any of these terms or slang?