A New Oxford Study Find That Most People Struggle To Keep On Top of Daily Stresses

Adulting is hard, and apparently most of us can’t handle it…

A new study finds that we have a hard time keeping control of our lives… A quarter of people say that they are not on top of their careers, social lives or their home…

More than half of people say they avoid finishing up their day to day to-do lists…That may include paying bills, laundry and cleaning up the house.

An Oxford University professor says that having no feeling of control can lead to people feeling less happy.

Here is what the study says we really struggle with in our adult life;


  • 65 per cent said they would be utterly embarrassed if unexpected guests popped round
  • 26 per cent said they are not on top of their careers
  • 54 per cent of adults avoid their to-do list
  • 40 per cent say that the feeling that they are not making inroads on their lists
  • 62 per cent of Brits regularly find themselves having to rewash clothes because they forget to take them out
  • 21 per cent confess they are never on top of the laundry
  • 32 per cent say they are juggling too many things at once
  • 21 per cent had taken personal problems into work
  • 44 per cent said they would love to have a better routine for chores
  • 22 per cent said their children’s bedtime routine is completely haphazard.