A New Study Explains The Perfect Number To Help Us Decide

But, I can't decide!

Clearly, the more options there are- the harder it is to choose!  Research out of California’s institute of Technology may have found the perfect number of options to help us make fast/good decisions… They found 12 is a good number of options to have when making decisions.

So if you’re at a restaurant, it would be easier to make a decision with a 12-item menu (anything lower might make you question why you came there in the first place).

If you could have 12 menu items in life- what would they be?  Here are Dale & Charlie’s top menu items

Charlie’s menu

Grilled Squid, Penna Ala Vodka, Painters Hall braised Short Rib, Beat Salad, Seafood salad, stone oven pizza, Nachos, Funnel cake, meat lovers skillet, Baseball Steak (2 more to be determined)

Dale’s mene

Pizza , French fries (Tiki Chips), Chicken fingers, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Caesar Salad, Falafel (Arabesque), French Toast, Jerk Chicken, Gyros (Mr. Greek), Shwarma, Moose Tracks Ice Cream (Kawartha), Cheesecake (Innisbrook)