A Photo Of Two Tour Boats Is Going Viral! US Boat Packed, Canadian Boat Not!

Perhaps the Americans could learn something from their neighbours to the north!

photo from Niagara Falls is going viral because it shows two tour boats.  One operates out of Canada, and only a few people are on it.  The other one operates on the U.S. side, and it’s totally packed.

Photos taken show how socially responsible Canadians are.  There are two tour boats in Niagara Falls- One Canadian and one American…The America tour boat is pretty full, while there are very few people on the Canadian boat.

The Maid of the Mist runs on both sides, and the tour company says the boat was at 50 percent capacity.

While half capacity on the boat allows 230 passengers to be onboard, Canadian ferries are limited to six people per boat out of a 700-person capacity, according to Reuters.

The operators of the US boat insist that social distancing measures are in place and they are operating at 50% with all passengers required to wear masks…

The operators on the Canadian side say it’s frustrating to see a packed boat on the American side…