A “Pink Easter Moon” Is Coming On Good Friday And Saturday!

How to view the "Pink Moon"

A “Pink Easter Moon” is coming on Good Friday and here’s how to make sure you don’t miss it.

April’s full moon will reach 100% illumination on Good Friday. As well as being well-timed for spring celebrations. It’s also sure to be a spectacular event. 

It’s called the Pink Moon to honour the emergence of the first wildflowers of spring, specifically “moss pink” flowers; according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. 

For the best view of the Pink Moon, you should look to the west early Friday morning as the sun will be raising in the east at the same time!

Friday is the best day you can get a look at the Pink Moon but you can also see “Pink” on Thursday and Saturday. 

View the eastern horizon at dusk or the western horizon at dawn. You don’t need any special equipment, but a pair of binoculars will get you an incredible close-up.