A Prom-Posal To “The Rock”

Her Celebrity Crush responded!

There’s a senior from Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota that asked her celebrity crush to prom in an epic way. Katie Kelzenberg took to twitter to ask Dwayne Johnson to “Rock” it with here at the school’s May 5th prom!

The self-proclaimed fan was dressed like The Rock in the video, sporting a black turtleneck, jeans, a gold necklace and fanny pack. She also showed off her collection of Johnson-related merchandise, including a pillow, T-shirts and an action figure.

The Rock did respond and it was played over the schools announcement!

Johnson said he admires Kelzenberg’s courage, but that he won’t be able to attend prom because he will be in Hawaii filming “Jungle Cruise.”

Instead, Johnson rented out a nearby movie theatre on Saturday for Kelzenberg and more than 230 friends and family to watch his latest movie, “Rampage.” Johnson even covered the cost of snacks and drinks for the theatre.

Katie says that her favourite Johnson movie is “Central Intelligence” and “Jumanji” and she will go to prom with Friends…