A Reboot is in the works for Lord of the Flies.

This time it's an all female cast.

We all know how The female reboot to Ghost Busters went…

All-female Lord of The Flies remake faces backlash as it ‘misses the point’ and ‘women wouldn’t act like that’

There is to be a new Lord of The Flies film with a twist – all the people stranded on the island will be female.

The adaptation of William Golding’s 1954 novel has faced backlash on social media as critics have accused it of “missing the point”.

Others have slammed the remake for being written about women, but by two men.

In the book, boys stranded on a desert island try to create order and peace while they wait to be rescued, but they eventually turn to violence and murder.

Some have said the book is about “toxic masculinity” and therefore would not make sense with a female cast.