A ‘Sentimental Journey’ Back To World War II

B-17 Bomber At Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Thru Weekend

It’s old. It’s rickety. But it was in its prime during World War II. A restored B-17 Bomber is on display this week at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. I was fortunate enough to get a ride in it Monday. It’s not a white-knuckle flight by any means, but far from even economy class. Mike Mueller, with the flight crew, says it’s hard to imagine what it would have been like for the 19 year olds flying them during the war…

Not great odds, but Mueller says they weren’t good for the enemy, either…

The B-17 we flew  on – Sentimental Journey – is one of ten still airworthy – 12-thousand were manufactured during WWII. The Legends of Victory tour will be at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport until Sunday. You can get a look inside it – go on a flight if you like. To schedule a ride call: 778-668-0417. Click here to learn more about the Arizona Commemorative Air Force, which cares for this aircraft and others, and takes them on tours like this across North America using it as a flying museum and a tribute to war veterans. Three Canadian veterans were on the flight with us Monday: Jim Parks, Bob Sparling and Roy Hamilton.

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  photos: Dan Blakeley, 107.5 Kool Fm News