A Super Woman Is Headed To The Super Bowl!

Seriously Gal Gadot, keep an eye on your title.

Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ve gotta love this.

Katie Sowers, offensive assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers is headed to the Super Bowl!

Now just reading that you may think: “so what?

This is a BIG deal for the sport of gladiators.

Sowers is the first female to coach in a Super Bowl AND, the first openly gay coach in NFL history to make it to the big game.

Sowers isn’t a “token female” by any means, as she was a former player in the Women’s Football Alliance which is a full contact football league in U.S.

She’s also been featured in a fantastic ad by Microsoft, basically detailing her journey. Check it out below:

One day she’ll be an offensive coordinator, and maybe even head coach! Here’s to hoping!

Check out the footage of her being on field during the moment the team punched their ticket: