A Theme Park in Holland Sent 22 Over-Sized Teddy Bears on a Roller Coaster

Only thing missing was bear paws in the air

At Walibi Holland Theme Park, the staff there had a little fun with their park before re-opening last week.

Using 22 jumbo teddy bears strapped into a roller coaster called ‘Untamed.’ The brave bears faced 5 inversions, at a speed of 57mph and with a 116-foot drop! The only thing missing was bear paws in the air.

In case you aren’t sure just how big an over-sized teddy bear is, let me take you back to 2015 when Charlie tried to jam one in the back of an SUV.

Meanwhile for thrill seekers awaiting news from Canada’s Wonderland. The wait continues as the Park communicates closely with our Provincial and Federal Government on steps to move forward.