A Third Of People Say That They’d Give This Up For A Year, If It Meant They Could Reach Their Fitness Goals

Oh, the things we’d give up for our perfect body!

One in three adults would give up sex for a year to instantly reach their fitness goals according to new research.

And that’s not all people are willing to do for their perfect bod.

The survey of 2,000 people found that people are so desperate to reach their fitness goals that a quarter of those in the survey said that they’d be willing to spend a week in jail if it meant they would instantly have the body they want…

The survey found that 68 percent feel overwhelmed by trying to achieve and maintain a fitness routine that they’d rather avoid starting one all together.

60 per cent also said they just don’t know enough about health and fitness to start their own routine.

Based on that, there are many excuses for people to not start working on a healthier lifestyle; the best one being “I don’t have the time.”


Top 5 Excuses to Not Exercise or Maintain Healthy Habits

  • I don’t have time (35 percent)
  • I don’t see results (28 percent)
  • I feel I’m already too unfit (26 percent)
  • I don’t have the motivation (26 percent)
  • The gym is too far away (25 percent)



Top Things People Would Do to Instantly Complete Their Fitness Goals

  • Only eat plain oatmeal for every meal, for one full year (33 percent)
  • Shave my head (30 percent)
  • Spend one month alone, in the woods without electricity (29 percent)
  • Give up sex for one year (29 percent)
  • Give up all electronic devices for one full month (26 percent)
  • Spend a week in jail (25 percent)
  • Stand in line at the DMV for a full day (24 percent)
  • Lose your voice for one year (21 percent)
  • Don’t take a shower or bathe for two weeks (21 percent)