A Third Of Your Neighbours Are Spying On You

Here What They're Noticing

A third of your neighbours are spying on you.


A survey commissioned by Yale University found that one in three homeowners admit they “spy” on their neighbors on a regular basis, and 10% have been caught doing it.


Also, a lot of people won’t call it “spying”, but that IS what they’re doing.  40% said they’ll look through their curtains if they hear something going on next door . . . and 30% do it with their lights off, so you can’t see them.


But before you get too creeped out by it, the survey also found that the most common reason for spying on a neighbour is to make sure they’re okay, and there isn’t a break-in or something.


With that said, they probably know a lot  more about you than you realize.    Here are the ten things your neighbours are most likely to notice.

1.  Any changes you make to your house.


2.  That you just bought a new car.


3.  What time you leave for work and get home.  Almost 50% of people said they know what time their neighbours normally get home from work each day.


4.  Overall patterns.  Like what time you have dinner, or when you take your dog for a walk.


5.  When someone they’ve never seen before comes to visit.


6.  When you’ve been arguing more than usual.


7.  When you have food delivered.


8.  A possible pregnancy.  Yes, apparently they’re keeping an eye on your waistline.


9.  Anything you do in the evening that’s out of the ordinary.


10.  When someone sends you flowers.