A third women are having nightmares about their partners cheating on them

Men dream about having the affair!

According to a new survey– of 1000 women polls, a third are having nightmares about their partners cheating on them…

Don’t stress, though. Having dreams about cheating doesn’t mean your relationship is a pile of trash.  Sex and relationship themed dreams are the most common for everyone, whether it’s dreaming about happy weddings, smooching a crush, or raunchy sex with your boss. So it makes sense that cheating would pop up now and again.

The perception of cheating-themed dreams differ between the genders, too.

Men were more likely to dream about having an affair, while woman were more likely to dream them were being cheated on…

Men were found to be more likely to read dreams of infidelity as meaning they had feelings for someone else, while women tend to interpret cheating dreams as a sign they have a tough decision to make.

When we aren’t dreaming about sex, some of our most common dreams are falling, being chased, and running late.

Most common dream themes:

Being chased
Running late
The future
Being back in school
Teeth falling out