A Vegan Influencer Is Trying To Make “Lettucetti”

Can you really call this pasta?

Lettucetti is the creation of Ullenka Kash, a health coach, mum, and influencer with more than 126,000 followers on Instagram. Ullenka only eats raw fruit and veg – nothing else – and lettucetti is one of her many raw vegan versions of popular meals.

As the name probably gives away, lettucetti is just… shredded lettuce. Top that with sauce (a raw, meat-free and dairy-free sauce, to be clear) and it’s a tiny bit like spaghetti bolognese… apparently.


Once Ullenka posted her creation to Instagram, followers had a lot to say about.  She referred to the dish as “raw Vegan Lettuce Spaghetti a’la Bolognese.”

One women wrote: “This is a salad.”

Another commented said: ‘This is a war declaration against all Italian culture and everything pasta represents for us.’